Registration / Evaluation

22-03-2016 available documents for js members

Due to the ongoing evaluation process the CB4REACH Consortium offers copies of the following documents to members of the joint submission for CB (i.e., carbon black co-registrants who have received the token from the CB4REACH Consortium/Lead Registrant Evonik/Orion. Requests for such documents should be sent to cb4reach@cb4reach only. Please be sure to always state the UUID for which you received the LoA to such request.

  • 4.3.2015: CB4REACH - Draft Decision - Comments of the LR & other registrants
  • 24.6.2015: ECHA - Invitation to address potential shortcomings in a registration for a substance shortlisted for regulatory screening
  • 13.7.2015: CB4REACH / LR Orion – email to all co-registrants
  • 13.7.2015: CB4REACH / LR Orion - email to ECHA

22-03-2016 Carbon Black listed on CoRAP

Carbon Black is listed on the Community rolling action plan (CoRAP). The proposed start of the evaluation is 2018. The Member State to perform the evaluation of carbon black is France.



28-10-2015 / Carbon Black listed on CoRAP

ECHA has prepared a draft update the Community rolling action plan (CoRAP) for the years 2016-2018. This draft update lists carbon black as one of 53 newly introduced substances proposed to be reviewed under the substance evaluation process. The proposed start of the evaluation is 2018. The Member State proposed to perform the evaluation of carbon black is France.

The final CoRAP is expected to be adopted in March 2016.


24-09-2015 / Dossier Evaluation Carbon Black

On June 24, 2015, ECHA has sent a letter to all co-registrants of carbon black informing them that carbon black has been shortlisted for further screening as a result of the common screening approach applied by ECHA. ECHA has therefore invited all registrants of carbon black to review and possibly update their registration dossiers in particular with regard to substance identification, uses and tonnage per use.

In January 2015, ECHA had started a dossier evaluation procedure pursuant to art. 41 et seq. REACH by sending a draft decision to the lead registrant, Orion Engineered Carbons GmbH for review and comment. It is currently unclear how the invitation to update the registration dossier in ECHA's letter dated June 24, 2015 reconciles with the fact that under the dossier evaluation procedure, no further updates will be considered.

The lead registrant has therefore sent a letter to ECHA requesting a clarification on this as well as another issue identified in the abovementioned letter from ECHA, a copy of which may be obtained from the manager of the CB4REACH Consortium.

On September 3, 2015 ECHA answered the enquiry from Orion. ECHA stated that the two processes, the draft decision on compliance check and the screening are independent. ECHA stated that the dossier was shortlisted for consideration for harmonized classification and labeling because it has been registered and notified by some notifiers as Carc. 2 (not by the lead registrant!). ECHA stated also that Carbon Black is being considered for the next draft Community Rolling Action Plan (CoRAP) update which means that Carbon Black may be subject to a substance evaluation!

The Lead Registrant Orion and the CB4RECH Consortium will continue to work on the dossier; any updates and other relevant information will be published on this webpage under the topic “Registration Status Carbon Black”. Co-registrants will be informed directly via email (only the REACH IT contact data of the co-registrants will be used, please verify that your email address in REACHT IT is up-to-date).

2009 / Registration Carbon Black

The comprehensive registration dossier of the substance Carbon Black covering the data requirements of Annexes VII – X of the Regulation has already been successfully submitted to the ECHA, Helsinki, by the Consortium’s Lead Registrant Evonik Degussa GmbH.