A short guidance on how to register for Carbon Black (CB) in 5 simple steps


Dear SIEF member,

Please follow the short guidance below for obtaining a Letter of Access for your joint submission under REACH with regard to your substance. Only the documents mentioned below may be used for forwarding your business data etc. Any other documents or communication will not be accepted by the Consortium.

IMPORTANT NOTE: without the data/documents below it is not possible to prepare the LoA agreement for you.

Important note for Only Representatives (OR) and Third Party Representatives (TPR):
Please proceed as stated above for each and every client you represent.

Step 1:
Substance information
Check the information which is accessible through the homepage of the Consortium (SIP, SIEF Info Letters, FAQs, etc.) to verify that your substance meets the substance identity criteria specified in the joint submission of the Consortium. In case of doubt, please contact the consortium manager by email (cb4reach[at]cb4reach.eu). The cost of the Letter of Access and other information are also available on the webpage of the Consortium. Please note that the consideration for the Letter of Access is not negotiable. For further information regarding the calculation of the price of the Letter of Access, please refer to the FAQ section on the webpage of the Consortium.
Step 2:
Non-Disclosure Agreement

Please download the NDA from the webpage and send a signed pdf copy via email back to the manager to the following address: cb4reach[at]cb4reach.eu

Depending on your role, please use either the NDA version for OR/TPR or the version for producers/importers.

Step 3:
Business data and confirmation of the substance identity / Compliance check with the EU sanctions against Russia and other countries
Please fill out the form which is available here. Send the completed form (no fax) as an attachment by email to the following address: cb4reach[at]cb4reach.eu. You are kindly requested to save the completed form as an editable/searchable document under Adobe Reader XI. If it is not possible to save the form as an editable/searchable document, please use field 7: Additional information which does not fit into the boxes provided (e.g. Address, UUID). Please also add the requested data in the second form which is available here; these data will be used for a compliance check with the EU sanctions regime. The data will be checked by an independent auditor; only the auditor as well as the lawyers and the manager of the Consortium will handle this information.
Step 4:
Letter of
Access Agreement, invoicing and

The consortium management will prepare the invoice and the Letter of Access agreement.

You will receive the signed agreement as a pdf. Please print out the pdf, sign it and send the countersigned document as a pdf by email back to: cb4reach[at]cb4reach.eu
After receiving the signed agreement from you, you will receive the invoice as a pdf from the account holder. The invoice needs to be paid within 30 days of issuance, i.e., the date on which the pdf version was sent. If no payment is received within this period, you will receive a payment reminder which will be sent by courier. The payment reminder will clearly state that the LoA agreement will become null and void if no payment is received within 30 days of receipt of the payment reminder by the client.

If you have not paid the invoice in due time, but nevertheless wish to sign a new agreement, the Consortium will charge an additional fee (€ 2,000) to recover the additional expenses; this amount will be added to the price stated in the new contract. In this case, the same procedure as described above would apply. The original invoice will be cancelled and a new invoice for the higher amount will be issued.

If you elect to use the deferred payment plan which is offered by the Consortium please bear in mind that you will get only one invoice. It will be your responsibility to ensure that the subsequent installments are paid in due time. The Consortium reserves the right to demand an additional handling fee if the contract partner must be reminded of any overdue payments more than once.

Step 5:
Registration package

Once the manager has received a confirmation about the payment of the consideration from the account holder (a copy or screenshot of your bank transfer is not sufficient) you will receive the registration package including

  • a Letter of Access (Annex 1, pdf) to the technical part of the dossier (parts 4 – 13)
  • the Chemical Safety Report (CSR, pdf, not for the tonnage band 1-10t
  • the token for registration

You will receive the signed Letter of Access (Annex 1) as a pdf. Please print out the pdf, sign it and send the countersigned document as a pdf by email back to cb4reach[at]cb4reach.eu.